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Certified drone operator with air to air shots experience and outdoor environment

Starting with purist airborne photography from my paraglider, I found disadvantages, considering the shots I was attempting to make were from a free flight aircraft, meaning I had to rely on natural updrafts to keep or gain altitude.  As the glider is constantly moving, I always had to anticipate the shot, and make sure I had it.  These disadvantages however, I now consider them as a training to get shots under difficult conditions. 

In some moment I decided it was definitely worth to give the drone world a try and found myself with a magnificent tool with more possibilities and power to get the results I was looking for.  That's when I discovered the exciting world of drone photography and videography.

With a drone, I can capture breath taking footage with greater precision and control than ever before. I can explore new angles. Perspectives and create stunning videos and images that showcase the beauty of the world from a completely new point of view.

Of course, transitioning from paragliding photography to drone photography was not without its challenges. Learning to fly a drone safely and effectively takes time and practice, and mastering the art of capturing stunning footage requires a keen eye for composition and lighting. But with dedication and persistence, I've honed my skills and expanded my capabilities as a photographer and videographer.

From majestic mountain ranges to serene lakes and everything in between, I strive to capture the beauty of the world from a unique perspective, and to create images and videos that inspire and delight.


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