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After years of doing paragliding airborne photography, I have dedicated the past year to get my European drone operator certification and gain flying time, in order to master this new tool. My new reel is now out! 

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I am happy to announce that 2 of my pics have won prices at Ascenso Festival:

Best picture of the Festival: LOST IN THE CANYON OF THE LOST See pic here

You can easily find this Canyon in google maps. But no apparent road that leads to it. As it has been recently discovered, I literally got lost. It took me a while, but I finally found this place in the middle of the desert. Just got there exactly at the beginning of the night, and the full moon was coming out to shine inside of the canyon.

Best picture in air category: NAVIGATING THE CLOUD OCEAN OF MIRAFLORES See pic here

It does not happen very often. Sometimes, the right conditions simply happen and you need to be in the air. Cloud masses start accumulating at the ridge in Miraflores, and suddenly the city disappears, and you find yourself in cloud land ridge...

Red Bull Adventurer´s - Dare to Soar featuring paragliding world champions Horacio Llorens and Hernán Pitocco, directed by Claudio von Planta has been finally released for Red Bull TV and other channels. So we finally have green light to post some of the pics made in that journey!


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